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Inspiring Young Talent Through The Joy of Creating Music

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We all want our children to have the best opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. Now beginning its 22nd year, From The Heart Music, inspires young talent through the joy of creating music. Our students have the chance to develop and enjoy themselves through musical training and live concerts.
From The Heart Music, is pleased to introduce our musical education program, a service that makes quality musical training available to students at absolutely no cost to your schools. With the current budget considerations of both family and school, the relatively low cost of instruction as compared to private lessons make this program very attractive.

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Laura Ariela Bryant

President, Owner

Laura is a Yamaha recording artist. Laura plays Yamaha: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Recorders and Alto Flute (A-421)
Music Education helps shape our culture. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s parents and community leaders, people who should be able to enjoy music and ensure that future generations hear and appreciate good music.

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